Poultry Dinner Entrees

Pan Roasted Duckling au Poivre
Slow roasted until very tender, & served with a Bing Cherry Peppercorn Brandy Sauce

Chicken Scaloppine Piccata
Oven broiled with Herbs and Spices under laid with Choice of Pasta & topped with a Olive Oil, Tomato, White Wine Caper Sauce

Breast of Chicken New Orleans
Stuffed Breast with Crawfish, Vegetables & Cheese under laid with a light Brown Lemon Butter Sauce

Spring Chicken Arch Duke
Boneless Breast of Chicken grilled in Herbs & Garlic, underlaid with sauteed Spinach Mornay & topped with fresh Mushrooms Artichokes, Pimentos & Sauce Beurre Blance

Down in Dixie Roasted Quail
Tender Quail, tossed with Herbs, Spices & Oils, stuffed with Wild Mushrooms & Roasted Pecan Dressing , laced with a Peach & Brown Sugar Glaze

(Entrees served with our Ball Room Salad Assorted Fresh Vegetables & Appropriate Starch.)

Beef & Veal Dinner Entrees

Filet Mignon Wellington du Chef
Gourmet Beef Tenderloin grilled to order, topped with Mushroom Wild Fricassee, & Artichokes, wrapped in Phyllo Pastry & baked golden brown

Medallions of Beef Tenderloin Bordelaise
Grilled Tenderloin carved into Medallions and laced with a Rich Roasted Shallot, Mushroom & Red Wine Sauce

Filet of Beef Tenderloin
8 ounce Tender Filet, Honey Peppered grilled to order & served with your choice of toppings & sauces

Veal Loin Scaloppini
Pan Sauteed White Veal and served with your choice of toppings & sauces

Sauteed Mushrooms & Red Wine Sauce
Shrimp & White Wine Demi Glace
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Bearnaise
Broiled Lobster Tail
Crawfish & Brown Beurre Blanc
Creole Mustard Moutard

(Entrees served with our Ball Room Salad Assorted Fresh Vegetables & Appropriate Starch.)

Pork, Lamb & Game Dinner Entrees

Maple Fire Roasted Loin of Pork
Marinated with Maple and Brown Sugar carved into Medallions, under laid with a Delicious Roasted Pecan & Vegetable Stuffing laced with an Apple Brown Sugar Glaze

Rack of Lamb
Frenched Lamb Chops Broiled to order and topped with a Mushroom & Herb Honey Demi Glace

Orleans BBQ Shish Kabob Dijon
Ancho Rubbed & Marinated Beef Tenderloin in a Lemon Herb Balsamic Oil
Char grilled & laced with a Honey Creole Dijon Glaze

Savoy Mixed Grill
Gourmet blend of Garlic & Herb Grilled Pork Tenderloin , Lamb Chop , Venison Sausage & Beef Tender laced with a light Natural au jus

Cervena Venison
Herb Seasoned loin of Venison Medallions pared with Blackberry & Apple Compote surrounded by Leeks & Portabello Mushrooms & finished with a Rich Port Wine Sauce

(Entrees served with our Ball Room Salad Assorted Fresh Vegetables & Appropriate Starch.)

Seafood Dinner Entrees

Hallelujah Crab
Fresh jumbo Soft Sell Crab with Crawfish & Crabmeat Stuffing , French Fried golden brown under laid with Dirty Rice & lace with Creolaise

Smoked Catfish Rockefeller
Slow smoked Filet under laid with zesty Spinach Rockefeller and topped with a light Green Onion , Pimento , Mushroom , Lemon Butter Sauce

Char Grilled Tillapia du Chef
Fresh Filet tossed in Creole Seasonings char grilled & Laced with a Brown Butter Caper Sauce

Choice of extra Toppings
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat

Shrimp & White Wine

Eggplant Belle Rose
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat sauteed in White Wine Lemon Butter served on a Crispy Eggplant Crouton under laid with Brown Beurre Blanc & topped with Bearnaise

Trout Pontchartrain en Papillote
Fresh Filet topped with mixed Seafood of Crab, Shrimp & Crawfish in a Golden Cream Sherry Sauce wrapped in Phyllo Pastry & oven baked golden brown

(Entrees served with our Ball Room Salad Assorted Fresh Vegetables & Appropriate Starch.)